Abundance plots, vegetation plots, and interviews with local people . . .

These activities will fill our days while we are in Ghana just as they have Lindsay's since her arrival last July. Generally, we will go out early in the mornings while the monkeys are active to do our work and return to our research headquarters midday to eat, rest and prepare data for transmission to the web site. In the late afternoon and evening, we will venture out again as the monkeys are also waking from their daily midday rest.

Lindsay has been in Ghana since July. We have included her itinerary below as well as what we think will be ours once we arrive. Lindsay keeps cautioning us however that "everything is subject to change".

We have also posted a more detailed itinerary of Lindsay's time in the Krokosa Hills Forest Reserve and the transects she has performed there. This will give you a better idea of how she and her assistants spend their time.

July, 2001

Arrive in Ghana and get organized! Buy gear and supplies, get necessary permits, hire assistants, get detailed maps of all study areas, open bank account.

July 26-August 30

Krokosua Hills Forest Reserve

August 31-September 17

Yoyo Forest Reserve
September 18-September 21
Travel to Accra to buy supplies
September 22-October 13
October 14-November 3
Draw River
November 4-November 7
Travel to Accra to buy supplies
November 8-November 21
Boin River
November 22-November 25
Travel to Accra to buy supplies
November 26-December 1
December 2
Pick up Virtual Explorers in Accra
December 3-10
December 11-14
Dadieso, Sui River or Kakum
December 15
Accra- Virtual Explorers leave for home
December 16-December 23
Conclude study